Monday, August 8, 2022

The city of Malaga is attracting international companies like never before

Google, Ernst & Young, Capgemini, Citi, GP Bullhound, the list is growing in a rapid pace...

Global tech giant Google last year opened a 2,500 sqm cyber security centre close to the popular tourist harbour boardwalk Muelle-Uno. World-renowned company Ernst & Young recently announced the transformation of their Excellence and Technology centre in Malaga Technology park, into a Global Delivery Services hub to serve clients worldwide as they plan to hire another 500 professionals initially and possible reach as many as 2000 in a few years.

US investment bank Citi just hired 30 junior analysts for a new office in Malaga and the prominent leading technology advisory and investment firm GP Bullhound, Co-founded by Swede Per Roman, recently announced:

"At GP Bullhound, we are launching a new centre of excellence and innovation based in Malaga, one of the fastest-growing tech destinations in the world."

The attractive work/life balance and the relatively low salaries compared to other big cities in Europe is an obvious attractor for companies eager to offer employees high living standards, to better attract and keep talent.

The office of the mayor of Malaga, Fransisco de la Torre, reported in July that 61 foreign companies have opened offices or expanded in Malaga since 2019, creating approximately 4,800 jobs.

At Bosque & Colina we consider this trend to be our friend as we have been developing real estate and relations in Malaga since 2017. Today we are happy to be in a good position to help contribute to the continued expansion and growth of Malaga.

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