The Spanish economy is in a strong upward phase and is expected to produce the strongest GDP growth in Europe over the next six years. The housing market, which during the years 2008 - 2012 was hit hard by the recent financial crisis, has shown clear signs of recovery since 2013, and housing prices are expected to continue rising in the coming years. Now you can capitalize on the favourable market situation through investment in any of Bosque & Colina's real estate projects.


Of Industry Experience


Average Return


Avarage Project Duration

Through carefully selected local partners and suppliers, we analyze the market regularly as we continually evaluate new projects with the potential to match our high standards of safety in relation to the expected project progress and maturity.

A typical project has a maturity of 24 months and an expected return of 30% to external investors. The financing formula differs from project to project and may, for example, consist of equity, loans, preference shares, and bank financing, where our good relations with local banks play an important role.

We offer a complete solution with responsibility for the entire investment process, from exploration to development and sale of the finished products.


We have more than 100 years of accumulated experience in Property Development, Project Management, and Business Development. We currently focus on identifying discounted properties in the post-COVID-19 market. To take part in upcoming investment opportunities as well as general market news, fill in the form to the right.

  • Minimum investment amount: from € 50,000
  • Updates via newsletters and exclusive partner meetings
  • Collateral in the projects in the form of pledged shares

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